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1. We believe in closing our eyes when taking a bite. 2. We believe in laughter, in friendship, in good food. 3. We believe in easy, with a twist. 4. We think peanuts are champions, salty and sweet little champions of deliciousness. 5. We delight in panko that gives us our crunchy, soft, flakey breadcrumbs. 6. We’re all for kitchen short-cuts (and secret ingredients). We won’t tell a soul. 7. We will always share our kitchen time savers with you, cross our hearts. 8. We will hunt down dessert. 9. No really, we will hunt down dessert. 10. We believe life is too short for no bread and no sugar. 11. We believe cooking together is fun. 12. We’re all for dazzling our tastebuds. Let’s take the blah out of the kitchen. Time to add the secret ingredient to those old family recipes. We’re here to make your chicken finger lickin, your kids eat their vegetables, your mother-in-law ask for the recipe. We are peanuts & panko.


peanuts & panko
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